Sunday, September 8, 2019

Some misconceptions about the growth-"How successful people grow" by John C Maxwell

Some misconceptions about the growth explained in the phenomenal book "How successful people grow" by John C Maxwell, that may be holding us back from being as intentional as we need to be are: 
How Successful People Grow By John C Maxwell

1. The Assumption Gap-“I assume that I will Automatically grow”

When we are children, our bodies grow automatically. A year goes by, and we become taller, stronger, more capable of doing new things and facing new challenges. Many people carry into adulthood a subconscious belief that mental, spiritual and emotional growth follows a similar pattern. The problem is that we don’t improve by simple living. We have to be intentional about it. If we want our lives to improve, we must improve ourselves. We must make that a conscious goal.

2. The Timing Gap-“it is not the Right Time to begin”

Now is the time to start growing. __The reality is that we will never get much done unless we go ahead and do it before we are ready. __If we are not already intentionally growing, we need to get started today. If we don’t, we may reach some goals, which we can celebrate, but we will definitely plateau. Once we start growing intentionally, we can keep growing and keep asking,” What’s next?”

3. The mistake Gap-“I’m afraid of making Mistakes”

Growing requires making mistakes, looking foolish which we don’t enjoy. But that is the price of admission if we want to improve. If we want to grow then we need to get over any fear we may have if making mistakes. To become intentional about growing, we must expect to make mistakes every day and welcome them as a sign that we are moving in the right direction.

4. The comparison Gap- “ Others are better than I am”

We can learn only if others are ahead of us. When we are aware others are better than us, instead of being discouraged we must be glad that others are there to help show us the way.

5. The Expectation Gap- “ I thought it would be Easier than This”

Preparation(growth)+ Attitude + Opportunity + Action(doing something about it) = Luck
Success starts with the preparation which definitely takes time. Jim Rohn said,” We cannot change our direction overnight, but we can change our direction overnight. Hence, we have to become intentional about personal growth, if we want to reach our goals and fulfill our potential.
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