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Here’s Why “Attitude is Everything!!”-The Book ‘Winning Attitude’ by Jeff Keller

Chapter 1- Here’s Why “Attitude is Everything!”
The Book ‘Winning Attitude’ by Jeff Keller
The Book ‘Winning Attitude’ by Jeff Keller starts with the Quote “The greatest discovery of my generation I that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind”,-William James.

Writer believes that Attitude is not only important, but it is Everything. People with positive attitude are optimistic. So they focus on “can” instead of “can’t” and they see possibilities instead of limitations. They are solution seekers and possibility thinkers. Our attitude is the foundation and the starting point for our success and fulfillment.
This chapter mainly focuses on how positive attitude or optimism is the foundation of other keys to success. Few examples are explained as follows:

Confidence: The person who has a positive attitude is very confident and persuasive. The person believes him or herself and moves forward with the expectation of success whereas negativity breeds doubt and hesitancy.

Persistence: Optimism leads to persistence. Optimistic persons can repeatedly attempt until he or she reaches his or her objective and goal. They believe they are going to achieve their goal and reach the destination in the long run. They don’t give up and never quit.

Resilience: Resilience is an important key to success. What is our attitude when we fail or knocked down? Do we stand up again and again on our feet and move forward? Negative people get more pessimistic when things don’t go as planned. But extremely positive don’t resist life’s events or situations, curse their fate or bemoan how bad things always happen to them. Instead, they believe that everything happens for a reason. This approach helps them to overcome setbacks and move forward with the flow.

Courage: It takes courage to be successful and be sustained in that state for longer. When we believe that we can do something, we develop the courage to move forward despite any fears. Negative people can’t overcome their fears and tend to back away.

Enthusiasm and Energy: We can feel the positive energy of a positive attitude person. They are so pumped up and we can feel better just by being around them. They boost each other. Negativity is an energy drain, while optimism is an energy enhancer.

Health: Most of the time we become sick when we feel significant stress and consumed with negativity. When we are feed with negativity, we feel tired and lazy. The moment we improve our attitude, our health improves. We start feeling lighter and younger internally and externally. The cells of our body come alive when we are positive.

Encouraging Others: As we start to see and utilize more of our own potential, we become able to see the greatness that lies in every individual. We start believing in others potential and ability and ultimately turn into a great leader. They encourage other people and bring the best out of them.
Gratitude: When someone is negative, he/she tend to focus their attention on what is ‘wrong’ with their life and they don’t appreciate the beauty that is all in and around them. But positive people appreciate everything. They also find that they feel better when they’re dwelling on their blessings, rather than complaining and finding faults.

Perspective: This is a logical progression from our increasing feelings of gratitude. You appreciate the many positives in our lives and recognize that we far outweigh any problems or temporary inconveniences. We start seeing things from a bigger perspective and positively.

Approachability: Negative people create distance and positive people create attraction and closeness. The optimistic person initiates a smile and people feel certain connection with positive people and enjoy the time they spend with positive people.

Spiritual Growth: When we are filled with positive thoughts and feelings, we begin to appreciate ourselves and others more. We begin to sense that there’s a purpose behind everything and that you are part of a bigger master plan. We also trust our intuition more and realize that we are receiving guidance on our journey. Positivity leads towards self-realization and spiritual growth.

The list above is the outcome of the positive attitude which are keys to success. Our attitude is a choice that we make every day in our life. We should take wise decisions to build an unshakable positive attitude.

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